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29 June, 2012

Riadah Chi... 1

Kebolehan mengaturkan tenaga Chi membolehkan seseorang mendapat kesembuhan daripada penyakit fizikal, emosi, mental dan  spiritual.  Ianya juga untuk meningkatkan daya pertahanan diri dengan menyediakan lapisan pelindung seolah-olah medan magnet yang menentang dan melemahkan kuasa musuh.

     Mudras atau riadah pada kedua belah telapak tangan adalah cara terbaik untuk mengamalkan Riadah Chi, kerana setiap mudra mempunyai fungsi tersendiri yang melibatkan tenaga dalaman, melibatkan Chi. Samada untuk meningkatkan fungsi aliran tenaga keseluruh badan, untuk menepukan, untuk mengumpul, untuk membersihkan ataupun untuk mengembalikan tenaga.

      Berikut adalah salah satu daripada mudras yang sangat memberikan manfaat kepada pengamal baru (antara 0 hingga 5 tahun)

Mudra asas untuk membentuk bebola tenaga.  Kedua belah tangan membentuk sfera dengan jejari menunjuk kearah bawah telapak tangan yang satu lagi (lihat foto).  

 to create an energy ball. The hands are in a cyclical pattern, with the fingers of one hand hovering over the bottom palm of the other. This creates a magnetic stimulation in the Chi, a sort of + and - effect that attracts the Chi to form into a ball. The hands do not touch each other. The forearms are held parallel to the ground and are straight out in front.
      When your hands and arms are placed in the proper position, visualize a ball of energy forming in between your palms. Think of light flowing out from your palms and swirling into a ball. The longer you visualize this, the more energy is formed in the center.  
       Practice this for about a month. This may seem like a long time, but, learning to make a Chi ball is like learning to walk. It is radically different from anything the body has done before---you go from crawling to walking when you learn how to project Chi. Practicing this for a month allows you to get used to the feeling of Chi and understanding the very basic dynamics of it. 
      As you practice, note any sensations (it is up to you to discover what you feel). After a month has passed, start moving energy from your wrists, through your hands, and then through your palm. This is more difficult, because now you are pushing more energy out of you over a longer area, which requires more concentration. After another week, start from the elbows. In another week, start from the shoulders. And finally, another week later, practice moving energy from your back. 
     Don't worry if you feel like you're not doing something right. As long as you visualize energy moving out of your palms and forming into a ball, you are doing it correctly. Chi acts a bit differently in everyone. 
     Also, if you don't feel anything, this is okay. You just need to continue practicing.
     Once you're able to move energy from your back and into the space between your palms, focus on gathering the loose Chi that flows around the hands. Visualize pulling it into the ball in between your palms. This is a good exercise for it allows the user to use Chi more efficiently. Note, it's not necessary to gather all the loose energy, there will always be loose energy. The point of gathering most of it is for the sake of increased efficiency.
     Continue practicing this mudra  for several months before you move onto the next one. 
(Special thanks to Dr. Khair Yusof for sharing this article)


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