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10 June, 2011


Keep a syringe or needle in your home to do this... It's amazing and unconventional way of recovering from stroke. Read it through as it may/can help somebody 1 day.This is amazing, if it works.  Please keep this very handy... Excellent tips. Do take a minute to read this. You'll never know. Someone's life may depend on you. My father was parallysed and later died from the result of a stroke. I wish I knew about this first aid before.

When stroke strikes, the capillaries in the brain will gradually burst.When a stroke occurs, stay calm. No matter where the victim is, Do not move him/her.Because, if moved, the capillaries will burst. Help the victim tosit up where he is to prevent him from falling over again,and then the blood letting can begin. If you have in your home an injection syringe, thatwould be the best, otherwise, a sewing needle or a straight pin will do.

Place the needle/pin over fire to sterilize it, and then use it to prickthe tip of all 10 fingers. There are no specific acupuncture points, justprick about anmm from the fingernail. Prick till blood comes out. If blood does not startto drip, then squeeze with your fingers. When all 10 digits are bleeding,wait a few minutes then the victim will regain consciousness .

If the victim's mouth is crooked, then pull on his ears until they are red.  Then prick each ear lobe twice until two drops of blood comes from each ear lobe. After a few minutes the victim should regain 
consciousness.  Wait till the victim regain his normal state without any abnormal symptoms then take him to the hospital, otherwise, if he was taken in the ambulance i n a hurry to the hospital, the bumpy trip will cause all the capillaries in his brain to burst. If he could save his life, barelymanaging to walk, then it is by the grace of his ancestors learned about letting blood to save life from Chinese traditional doctor Ha Bu-Ting who lives inSun-Juke.

Furthermore, I had practical experience with it. Therefore I can say thismethod is 100% effective. In 1979, I was teaching in Fung-Gaap College in Tai-Chung. One afternoon I was teaching class when another teacher camerunning to my class room and said in panting, "Mr. Liu, comequick, our supervisor has had a stroke!" I immediately went to the 3rd floor. When I saw our supervisor, Mr.Chen Fu-Tien , his color was off, his
speech was slurred, his mouth was crooked-all the >symptoms of a stroke.

I immediately asked one of the undergraduate students to go to the pharmacy outside the school to buy a syringe, which I used to prick Mr.Chen's 10fingers tips. When all 10 fingers were bleeding (each with a pea-sized drop off blood), after a few minutes, Mr. Chen's face regained its colour and his eyes' spirit returned, too. But his mouth was still crooked. So I pulled on his ears to fill them with blood. When his ears became red, I pricked his right earlobe twice to let out 2 drops of blood. When bothearlobes had two drops of blood each, a miracle happened. Within 3-5minutes the shape of his mouth returned to normal and his speech became clear. We let him rest for a while and have a cup of hot tea, then we helped him godown the stairs, drove him to Wei-Wah Hospi tal . He rested one night andwas released the next day to return to school to teach.

Everything worked normally. There were no ill after-effects. On the otherhand, the usual stroke victim usually suffers irreparable bursting of thebrain capillaries on the way to the hospital. As a result, these victimsnever recover. Therefore stroke is the second cause of death. The luckyones will stayalive but can remain parallyzed for life. It is such a horrible thing tohappen in one's life.If we can all remember this blood letting method and start the life-savingprocess immediately, in a short time, the victim will be revived and regain100% normality. We hope you can tell others about this firs t aid method.

By doing so, stroke may be removed from the list of major causes of death.

Post this after reading. It will be a good deed indeed. The greatest risk is not taking one... Make a difference!!!*

(The above article was forwarded to me by someone who cares enough.Please do read carefully and remember the technique. We can never tell...,but it sure can make a difference to the life of a >victim and his/her family if we happen to chance upon such a situationand know how to stay calm and do something.)
Comments: Prick a stroke victim's fingertips, squeeze them till they bleed, yank on their ear lobes, then start pricking those, too? This sounds more like torture than a proper medical treatment! Once upon a time -- and this is going back 100 years or more, mind you -- bloodletting was thought to be an appropriate treatment for stroke (or "apoplexy," as it was then called). Now we know better; or at least we ought to.
According to About.com's stroke expert, Dr. Jose Vega, this message was clearly authored by someone with no real medical knowledge and shouldn't be taken seriously. Following the instructions above, in fact, might do more harm than good.
"The email conveys multiple unfounded ideas about stroke," Vega writes, "but by far the most dangerous one of all is the suggestion that people should not be taken to a hospital until all their symptoms are resolved, on the grounds that 'all the capillaries in the brain will burst on the way to the hospital.' This statement is untrue and totally irresponsible."


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