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01 June, 2011

What is Brain Gymn

Brain Gym was developed in the 1970s by the Dennisons,  educators that describe human brain function in terms of three dimensions: 
  1. laterality, 
  2. focus, and 
  3. centering.  
According to their theory, stress inhibits neural connections in the brain with respect to the three spatial axises, and the Brain Gym movements stimulate a flow of information along these networks.

Brain Gym is based on four concepts:

  1. Physical movement stimulates the brain. The 23 Brain Gym movements are designed to activate such functions as communication, comprehension, memory and organization.
  2. Stress inhibits learning. Brain Gym movements encourage the learner to use the whole brain, thereby relaxing the fight or flight response in favor of keeping the memory and reasoning centers of the brainswitched on.
  3. Brain Gym movements release learning blocks by activating the whole mind-body system.
  4. Noticing becomes a personal feedback loop. The learner takes responsibility and control of his own learning by noticing what works and what doesn't as a particular skill is being mastered. The learner can enhance noticing with Brain Gym movements to improve performance, thus increasing self-esteem.


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